I Heart Coffee

I have two drinks of choice
  1. Grande, Non-fat, Extra Foam, Extra Hot , Triple Shot, Carmel Macchiato
  2. Tall, double-shot, non-fat, extra foam, Toffee Nut latte
I've become needy over the years, but what I've realized is that is what makes my coffee experience so lovely.  It's all about the customization of a drink.  It tends to give me inspiration throughout the day (because I'm awake!)

So all my blogging coffee connoisseurs,  what is your favorite drink?


  1. "needy" haha.
    i never thought i'd be the type of person that had "a drink", but i do!
    grande, non-fat, iced coffee with 3 pumps white mocha.
    i'm not a hot drink type of gal.
    oh but i'm soooo hooked on my drink!

  2. SBUX: Venti Quad Soy White Mocha with Xtra Foam

    REAL COFFEE: Cuban "Coffee Con Leche"
    (sweet espresso with steamed milk)

  3. I wish I had a signature drink...but I'm allergic to caffeine. So no coffee for me :(

  4. I love learning these drinks! I'm going to try yours J.Swo



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