Stats Suck Sunday

  1. Went to Payless today and their shoes have gotten very expensive...hmmm thought this was against the point of "pay less"
  2. Making Apple stuffed pork chops tonight with asparagus and french bread
  3. Also making some slow cooker organic turkey chili 
  4. We're going to Maui for our 2-year anniversary very soon and I absolutely cannot wait
  5. I think one day I want to own a horse.  Don't ask why, I just do.
  6. People have been naming their children names that I wanted a long time ago....and it's starting to frustrate me
  7. It's about 78 degrees here today and I'm actually loving it.  Great afternoon to take a nap
  8. Workout videos, techniques, diets, etc.  I just want to know, what works and then let me at it.  There shouldn't be 10,000 options that work.
  9. Painting is not my forte, but I'm willing to pay someone to do it for me because I hate white walls.  Anyone know anyone that needs a small side job that paints like a pro?
  10. About half of our living room is complete.  It's the other half I'm struggling with decorating.
What are you Sundays like?

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm.. i think i have a solution for #6...
    Just use those names up! haha

    oh the pressure of babyhood while married.



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