Stats Suck Sunday

  • I had a 3rd person ask me yesterday if I was pregnant & tell me I should go to the Dr. to find out.  All separate people.  I now think it's an evil agenda trying to give me a complex, ha.
  • Steven is home and we're relaxing today. There are not many days we have sundays off.
  • I'm on the hunt for some vintage pillar candles.  I have been looking forever! Anyone got a suggestion on where to find these?
  • Cleaning the fish tank is something I don't like doing.
  • I worked yesterday, which really cuts into my "getting refreshed" on the weekend.
  • Is Slumdog millionaire out yet? I want to see it!
  • Life cereal is probably my favorite cereal if I had to choose.  Anyone agree?
  • Yesterday, I went to the 99 cents store and scored 2 umbrellas, peanut butter whoppers, a lint brush and 5 different cooking spices for under $10 bucks.
  • Tomorrow's post will be on Quiche.  I need a good recipe without cheese!


  1. vintage pillar candles... I would check salvation army, goodwill and antique stores!

  2. Thanks Kristin! I'll have to check out some places soon. I just don't want "new" looking candles.

  3. Yes! Slumdog came out on tuesday, i believe!



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