When's The Baby Due? UPDATE

Hey Ladies! Have you ever worn a blouse of jumper with leggings that was "blousy" in the stomach area?  Well, today I wore an outfit I have worn for a long time with some cute leggings and that it looked pretty cute.  Someone came, in this morning and we were talking and smiled and said, "When's the baby due?" (make that two people now)

Once I get home this afternoon, this outfit is going to goodwill. I had to laugh at the fact that this person was sincere &  not just making a jab that I they thought I had gained weight....I'll just assume the latter.

It's Friday, Hooray!


  1. Don't throw away the outfit! People who are so foward like that are very...I don't know what the word is. I know I would never go up to someone and ask that.

    Hope it didn't ruin your Friday.

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!

    This made me laugh, but I totally know what you are talking about.

    I had already had my baby, and was wearing a blousy top, had a newborn with me, and someone walked by and said, "wow, you look like you are gonna pop!"

    (gee... thanks....)

  3. No! Don't get rid of that outfit...it's totally cute! And, I'm sure whoever said that to you lacks tact in general. (I could make a few guesses at who those people might be...)

  4. Ya, I had a 3rd person ask me if I was. I specifically wore a former fitting dress yesterday to just "prove" I wasn't and I still got asked.

    Haha, they were all older gentlemen that felt completely embarrassed that they asked, when I said, "no, im not."

    Hmmm.....I have a sign someone made me that I think I should post on Monday morning answering this question up front before anyone asks.



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