Where is Your Source of....

We are called to love.  We are called to action. Two very simple sentences.  Two overwhelmingly difficult duties.  But when we allow inspiration behind that love and drive that compels us to take hold, the tasks, however magnificent or minute, create an amazing combination of passionate, spirit-filled, unstoppable, take-charge chain reactions. 

Are we equipping the Church to think like this, pray like this, love like this?  What is your inspiration. 


  1. I think this is a constant struggle for people. It's easy for us to actively love those we love, but harder to actively love people who live in other countries that we don't see face to face, and people who are just plain hard to love.

    I think our generation is more focused on this however, and I think that some churches are really beginning to focus their teachings this way.

    The hardest thing about this, is feeling like it's enough. We can't solve the worlds problems, we can't individually feed everyone. Getting past the burden we feel for these people, and moving into action with the idea that one small good deed, one smile to someone even, can start that ripple effect of love. Knowing that doing something, even if it's small, is at least adding good into the world instead of more bad, is what inspires me.

  2. I agree about the constant struggle. It is so hard to love those that are harder to love.

    I think my inspiration comes from feeling this need to break out of the normal, the natural, and really find where God wants me. It's this strange little phenomenon that I go through; I almost would say I struggle with it, because it isn't always natural to want to do certain things.

    I think when I narrow it all down it comes to this: when innocence is threatened and taken away from someone I find my inspiration to to something about it. It's the children all over the world that have everything stripped from them whether it be hunger, homelessness, being forced into sex slavery, etc.

    When innocence is perverted and joy is stripped form people, I have this fire that burns inside of me, not out of emotions, but out of a clear mind to make sure this doesn't continue to happen.

    So, in essence it's really what you're saying Kristin, if I know that I'm doing something...



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