Going to Australia

Australia: Anyone see the movie?  It was really good and made me want to travel there sooner than later. 

Well, my younger brother (who most of you reading this know him personally) is getting a chance in a lifetime to go to Aussie land for the summer. He is currently ending his 3rd year at Azusa Pacific University and is studying to become a teacher. He plays basketball for the Cougars and has gotten an amazing opportunity to play on a Semi-Pro team and he gets to go to beautiful Australia to do it!

Sometimes I feel like I'm always asking for $$, but I like giving, so someone can do something.... so I don't mind asking.  IF you can, you can, if not, it's that's ok!  He will be posting updates on his awesome adventures for the next 2.5 months.

So, if you have Paypal, have $5 to spare and want to go on his journey through the blogsphere give him some love and support his travel endeavors.

Thanks my blogging friends!

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