Good Friday

Good Friday has always been an interesting pre-holiday to me.  For Christian's, it's one of those times that you remember the death of Jesus and all the things that it means.  As a little kid, I understood what it represented, but loved my Easter Eggs probably just as much as going to church.  I still love my Easter Eggs, the colored dye that stains your hands for days and these  little favorites with some hot chocolate!

One thing I do remember growing up is that it always rained on Good Friday for as long as I can remember.  Now, for Southern Californians who never see rain, we remember it for years.  My old church also had an outdoor service for about 20,000+ people and so I was always there to help set-up or watch sound check.  The sound guys were the most nervous about the rain storm that was sure to happen.  But beyond the rain, Easter came on Sunday and it was always warm, sunny and bright.  It was like the rain had never existed the nights before.

As I got older, I would wait for the rain, just to see it clear in time for our services on Sunday. What an exciting visual representation of the death and resurrection of the Lord.  Some of you might not know the story of Jesus and I'm not writing to "convert" you to a specific viewpoint by writing this, but I do know that Christ rose on the third day, death did not overcome him and I am covered by that sacrifice through his love.  If you would like to know more about it you can click here

On top of all that, I look forward to family time, ham and potatoes and some deviled eggs *ironic huh?* when it comes to Sunday.  These are thing what I look forward to on Good Friday; the calm after the rain.

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  1. that is a really neat representation....

    It's rainy here today too



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