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My Utmost for His Highest is my favorite devotional.   Sometimes I read it online and along with the online version there is another section called Daily Bread.  SOmetimes I read it, sometimes I don't.  Today, I did.

Here is what it had to say.

"... Each day, scores of people within the reach of our resources are hurting and desperately in need of someone to rush the stage of their life and help them. And here is the issue for us: Will we just sit by and watch like detached observers in comfortable theater seats? Or will we get engaged and do something about it? We are called to be the extension of the hand of God to the needy and helpless who are within our reach."

In what other ways does God “rise to show compassion”? How have you experienced this truth in your life? Be specific, and try to think of at least one occasion when His grace was made evident to you.

  • Are you willing to take the heart of Jesus into your world? Read Isaiah 58:5-12Matthew 25:31-40; and Colossians 3:12. Then ask God to show you who needs His touch through you today.
  • Is there a local ministry where you can assist in bringing the hope and healing of Jesus to those around you? 
Now watch this video:

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