Stats Suck Sundays

  1. I decided today I'm going to start journaling again.  I did lots of journaling all through my years of education about 3rd grade until college graduation.  It's a good outlet!
  2. Why do fish tanks get dirty so quickly?
  3. Just had my protein shake.  It's actually really yummy!
  4. Summer is officially here in So Cal (90+ yesterday!)
  5. I want to start an indoor herb garden.  Any suggestions?
  6. Don't we all wish we had tons of money to decorate like HGTV?
  7. 24 this week was nuts! I don't really know what to think.  I'm not buying the ending....
  8. Finished our wedding picture frames just yesterday.  I'm so excited this got done!
  9. I've been weight training and got this really rad scale to track my progress.  It tells my bone density, how much water I have in my body and BMI, etc.  It's pretty amazing these things can tell that much by just stepping on a glass plate.
  10. I'm ready for another vacation....anyone else?

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