It's Friday, It's Friday!! This week was filled with some intense work outs, a tired me and work that seems to drag on. But, again, the positive side to it all is that Friday always comes!

I was thinking about Twitter last night and how I can't wait to open my App on my iPhone and check out what people are commenting on. Now, I'm not a major fan of following people I don't know because in some aspects to me, it's kinda creepy. The other: I'm just not that interested. However, there are a few people I do follow that I don't know personally, that I enjoy (NatalieGrant,ChristineCaine,DeniseBovee. ) Who do you follow that you don't know?

To me, it's amazing to see people like this guy focus on how he can GIVE to people by challenging his tweet followers to let him know what organization are most important to his followers. Talk about being proactive! If you haven't read my blog before you wouldn't necessarily know that the A21 Campaign is a cause that I think everyone should get behind. Now you do. So, I told Hugh Jackman that he should get behind it. Now, who knows if the A21 Campaign will ever get chosen, but it's worth a shot and gets the word out to all his followers that @lmarcia wants him to support this campaign. That's like free marketing right there!

Twitter is pretty stinkin' awesome. If you're on twitter, but don't follow me, I'd love to follow you. Leave your name and I'll add you today. If you don't have one, sign up! You're missin out! :)

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