WWW - Dancing with the Stars

I love watching Dancing with the Stars.  I wish I could really dance like these people do. Julianne Hough is one of my favorites along with Melissa from the Bachelor.  I was sad to hear this morning that they got voted off last night (I didn't watch, we have so much stuff TIVOed). Ty Murray is a nice little cowboy, but Chuck Wicks and Julianne were amazing.  Ty didn't have anything on these two couples.  Too bad!  It was like she got him to loosen up just in time to get voted off.

Bummer.....Do any of you like to dance?


  1. I love watching Dancing with the Stars too! I've been dancing since I was little. Everything from ballet, jazz, musical theater, etc. Never tried ballroom though.

  2. i LOVE ballroom! I've taken a few classes on it.. tango is my favorite!
    (if i have a strong partner, that is. i did tango with a little weakling once and it was not pretty. haha!)

  3. I just said to Jon yesterday that I want to be on that show. Too bad I'm not a star...

  4. All these people I know that like to dance! I love it....some of us are closet dancers however... teehee



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