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Last night was my first class of a class called "Lift it, Lose it."  After running the marathon, something with my hormones got all screwed up and so I gained a bunch of weight in like a month.  So, I thought, I might as well join a Beginner/Intermediate type class to get this weight off of me.  It's one of those classes through city parks and rec, so it couldn't be too hard.  Simple thought, right?

Well, yesterday when I walked into class a majority of the women were 38+ and so as women do I surveyed the room and thought to myself " I'm gonna be fine."  It wasn't an arrogant, I'm going to kill all these women kind of attitude, but I felt better knowing that I could handle the level of the class.  Boy, was I in for a doozy.  They trick you with words like "Fun, exciting, you're doing awesome."  I can tell you, I did not feel like I was awesome last night.

None of you will get this unless you experienced Mike Sutherland's Soccer Bootcamp '99-01, but the level of intensity in this class was insane and at that level.  I actually got sick 2x! I literally felt like I was the fat kid on biggest loser that had never worked out a day in my life.  Was yesterday night fun? No.  Will I go another round...heck yes!  There are parts of my body that are sore, that I never knew existed.

I might have complained from time to time about soreness from my marathon, but that doesn't even compare to the pain I'm in today.  Woohoo am I going be in shape by the time this is over. So the picture above is of kettle bells.  This is just one of the torture devices we used last night.  I look forward to the next day and the next that my body will start to conform to what I want it to do.  This is no simple beginner two-step sort of class.  This is for sure a true Jillian Michael butt-whopping like you wouldn't believe.

No more cookies for me while watching The Biggest Loser.    

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  1. I love/ hate torture work outs. I feel so great afterwards, that it makes it addictive!

    (I have not worked out hard in weeks... so I guess I'm not that addicted)

    Good luck with your class!



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