After Week 1

It's technically been one week since we first got Zoey. It's been an interesting week. She has gotten better in understanding certain things and there are other areas where I just get annoyed with her stubbornness.

We've worked on getting her to be better with waiting until we get in and out of each door. She understands when I say "Wait" on a walk which means she needs to slow down and wait for me. I'm slowly teaching her to heel. Since we let her sleep out of her crate she has been barking at sounds she hears at night which has been very annoying. So, tonight, she gets to sleep in her crate. I think she feels safe in there.

As for people, she's been better, but she's random on who she doesn't like. Sometimes its some dogs and not others, sometimes its people she doesn't know, sometimes she decides she doesn't like the mailman. This afternoon she saw a boy walking outside on the side walk and jumped up on our new chairs and went nuts. She has never done that before, so we're anticipating a long road ahead!

Overall, she's a love. She loves to have you rub her belly and she doesn't whine, just wants to be part of the family happenings. She loves the tile, it keeps her cool and she is learning that her pillow is where she needs to sleep. Especially because it's across the room which helps diffuse her nasty nasty gas! OMG! Hopefully it's just the switch in food. Yikes!

This picture is a normal Zoey look - bear type face and kinda lazy just relaxing. One day she might be good enough to meet you all.

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  1. congrats on the doggie. my mother in law has that same kind of dog, and they alway complain about her
    give her some time to adjust..i'm sure she has been through alot :)



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