Meet Zoey

Meet Zoey. She is a 2.5 year old OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG. Steven and I got her from a rescue over the weekend and we fell in love with her. She likes to play tug-o-war and go on walks. She knows sit, stay, shake and lay down. She knows how to hang in the house without any accidents and loves her bed. She's super sweet, around us....then the chaos begins!

When we got her, the rescue (a kinda shady rescue) said she was getting fly bites and that she was rubbing herself to the point of scabs on the kennel fence. She had many ripped open wounds, but I had seen dogs do that before and didn't think too much of it. They were healing, so we just watched the wounds. I took her home, gave her 2 baths in 2 days because she was so filthy from being outside. She was still shedding a lot! I thought that was weird.....

Then taking her on walks, she started to limp. I let it go about 4-5 days and now she's limping even worse. Last night I was checking her little paws again for any foreign particles that could have gotten stuck in there and literally ripped a tick out from in between her toes! It was the most disgusting thing!! She's scratching a lot, lethargic and I think she has Lyme's disease because of the tick and probably mange with how she is starting to lose her hair.

On walks, she yanks and yanks, we're learning this. She is fine with people/dogs on the other side of the street, but anyone that approaches she goes nuts. Like rabid dog nuts. She tried to get some older people putting out their garbage last night and some 12 year old kids last weekend. *Sigh*.....this is after we were told she was great with older kids, people, leash trained and was the sweetest dog in the world. Major parts of our "doggie checklist."

Needless to say, I'm frustrated. Not at her, but at whomever dropped their dog at a rescue and lied about the kind of dog she was trained to be. She is a good dog, but I can't trust her with people right now and she has major skin/health issues. Socializing a dog was not on my "to-do" lists. It was one of the main reasons we got her because we were told she didn't need any socializing. I'm letting it run it's course and trying some different training techniques. I know this breed is a "bully" breed but there is a difference to her aggression that is unfamiliar to me.

So.....It's been an interesting road for something that should have been much simpler. I hope we can keep her and she calms after getting her medical issues taken care of and I can start to train the walk situations again. Sucks, poor girl.....all dogs have a past I guess and hers is a mystery that I'm going to have to train out of her. Hopefully....


  1. Start setting your boundaries now! every thing is by trial and error at this stage with her. they want to know what they can get away with. i have to try and socialize June with other dogs which has been a pain in itself. watch the dog whisperer and read up on people with the same breed for training tips and such.
    poor thing if its got all those health issues.
    what shelter did you get her from?

  2. We got her from a rescue out in hemet. Kinda ghetto rescue....having Toby our boxer for 12 years I know the breed (strong and stubborn) so I know what Im in for :) haha....I think someone trained her to be a certain way (so that's always more time to break that). Cesear's techniques have worked with some things, but I think im going to go try and work on desensitizing her to people. Poor girl, so scared of people walking next to us.

    Does June try to attack other dogs or just bark? She is so covered in scabs and is sick :( Poor girl Vet tomorrow!!

    How's June doing with training and manners? Watch for Ticks this time of the year!! yuck!

  3. june tried to attack other dogs! teeth out, barking, going CRAZY. its embarrassing and people get scared of her. but she loves all people so much.
    ew. idk about ticks! i give her this dog flea stuff every month and its supposed to help with them. she doesnt have fleas so i hope i dont find ticks. how do you find them on a long haired dog?
    is zoey going to get treated for mange and all that tomorrow?

  4. The tick I found last night was between her toes, so if June will let you look I would do it. I think since you're using that formula, she should be ok.

    Ya, she is going tomorrow. She is so miserable right now and I don't even want to take her on her walk tonight because of her limp. Why do people treat animals so bad? :/ It's such a bummer to me.

    Ya, Zoey loves people too (when they're in our house), but on walks its like crazy ( i think its fear aggression)

    I'll let you know how it goes! Then one day, maybe June and Zoey can be walking pals!

  5. for june to be pals with any dog would be such an accomplishment! haha
    let me know how it goes



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