Thursday Perspective - Do You Know?

More recently, due to illness and various other things, I've been looking into healthier foods. Not just veggies and fruits and raw diets. I'm talking, GOOD food. The kind of food where you can taste the difference.  I'm usually a real skeptic & believe that fads in food and clothes and technology are all about money. But, when I did a taste comparison it blew me off the charts!

I tried various organic/natural meats and eggs and everything that I tired tasted better. It wasn't psychological, because I didn't say anything to Steven when I made organic scrambled eggs with our breakfast one morning. He said to me after one bite, "What did you do to these eggs? They're amazing!" 

So....I'm going to see this film.  It's not about gross butchering techniques or animal abuse, its about what's IN our food. Media and technology has allowed us to have more information about diseases over the last 10-15 years so it seems like there has been an increase in diseases, but it's not just a coincidence that a friend of ours stopped having aspartame (fake sugar in gum, diet sodas, most candy) in her diet and her cancer stopped growing

What steps do you take to know what's in your food?

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