Ever Own One of These?

Laser pointers were a big deal in my house. My brothers would save up to buy them so they could shoot them at people and keep themselves occupied in boring situations. There were rules of course, no shooting people while driving, no putting it in people's eyes and you were not allowed to use it in church!

One thing that they were used for.....making the dog nuts! Dogs for some reason love laser pens. Our boxer loved this thing. The light would be moved around from the upstairs beamed down to the living room where the dog would chase it for as long as it was there. Toby would make his paws bloody that's how much he love "SPOT." That was it's name...SPOT. We wouldn't play with SPOT for a long time, months and months would go by and if you asked Toby, "Where's Spot?" His head would dart around on the walls and on the ground trying to find the red dot. Hilarious, but probably made our old dog obsessive compulsive!

Well, Zoey saw the flashlight the other night and attacked the light right away, so Steven and I went and purchased a $5 laser pen for kicks. It was the most we had laughed in a while watching her attack the light for almost 30 minutes! Plus, it tired her out, which was a plus! The rules for SPOT: Only 2x a week for Zoey, because she couldn't calm down for another 20 minutes once spot had retired for the night.

Have you guys every used this with your dogs?


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  2. I love this blog! Haha, my friend Matt and I used to use this with his cat.. and accidently went we pinted it toward the big glass sliding door toward the backyard the cat smashed against it. It was hilarious. Poor kitty though. Those lazer pointers are great!



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