Big Lips, Skinny Hips

My comments are in red:
Eyewitness News asked three different women to try three different lip toppers to see if they could get thin while laying gloss on thick.

"I liked it. It was pretty good," said Ani Kazaryan, who tested the Fuze Slenderize Two Face Blend.

Fuze Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss aims to boost energy and curb appetite with citrimax, L-carnitine and chromium, all things found in various weight-loss products on the market.

Huge Lips Skinny Hips offers Hoodia as the key ingredient to end cravings, along with orange peel extract to halt hunger.

Thin Gloss claims their Hoodia and kola nut ingredients suppress appetite, while the aromatherapy of vanilla and peppermint scent will enhance emotions. - So, I can add this stuff to my lips and loose weight.  If I go to In-N-Out for lunch, does it stop me from eating my fries?

Supplement expert Ellen Coleman said she found the claims amusing.

"My favorite one was the lip gloss that claimed to enhance vibrational energies with aromatherapy," Coleman said. - This lip gloss is too provocative for lips.  Vibrational Energies??! On my lips? Oh, my!

Coleman says the marketing is magnificent, and the intention may be good, but these companies have glossed over the science.

There's little evidence they work no matter what ingredient they contain because they aren't absorbed into the blood stream. 

You would have to ingest them to lose weight, and in far greater quantity than you'll get by licking your lips.

....None of our testers lost a lick of weight, but all liked the smell and consistency. - Bingo, they understood the market and if they could add the weight loss claim, it would fly off the shelves!

"I didn't eat because I didn't want it to come off," Kazaryan said.

You'll pay anywhere from $19 to $28 for the gloss our testers tried, and there are others on the market. The bottom line is in order for the science to work, you'd have to swallow them rather than swipe. - No way Jose! These stories make me laugh.  It's like hearing that Pizza cures we'll be hearing about a new product for muscle building, all you will have to do is wash your hair with a particular substance.  

Bottom line: Bogus! 

Enjoy your day!! :) 

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  1. I've heard about this and the first thing that I thought about was how ridiculous it was! I can't believe some women would actually consider purchasing it.



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