Monday Recipes - Custom Cookbooks

The search began about a year ago to find a website that would allow you to build your own custom cookbook. I wanted something that people would be excited about, something where when I wanted to, I could add more recipes (because right now I don't have 5,000 recipes to add in).  Most sites allow you to create a bound book, but what happens when I find a new recipe and I want to add it?  I also didn't want to handwrite all my recipes (my handwriting just isn't that great).

I finally stumbled across TasteBook.  This site is fantastic! I've already started with some favorites and am going to slowly add and create my own cookbook. It's a full binder with customizable pictures, recipes and even some that you can choose from their website. So, if you have a favorite picture of you and your mom cooking a family recipe together, you can add it on that recipe page and they'll print it out on nice book-quality paper.  You can create a dessert book and side dish book or combine them all like a standard cookbook (Appetizers, Main Dishes, etc.)

I'm so excited for this!  So, if you have been collecting or making any Monday Recipes you can customize a place in your book for your favorites!


P.S. I tried the Key Lime Pie last night and while it was good, I don't think my favorite pie will be Key Lime anytime was so tart!

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