Swimming Child of Mine

Zoey learned to swim on Sunday afternoon.  Never in a million years did I think this dog would like water.  She jumped right in to the wading area and after about 10 minutes of anticipated "thinking about" she took the plunge.  One time, she got a little too eager and jumped full on into the pool.  

If she was a retriever, this would have worked, but because she is a bulldog, her broad chest and shorter legs didn't want to hold her weight as much and so she freaked a bit.  But, she didn't let that little mistake deter her.  She tried it again and again!

I bought her a life jacket so she can hang out without getting so tired.  Once I get her life jacket you know there will be a modeling of the jacket itself and it's capabilities.  More pictures to come!


  1. OMG! i never would have thought that breed would be able to swim! how freaking cool! i wish june would do that.
    where did you get her life jacket at?

  2. I know! The dog life jacket is on ebay! You should get one for June



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