Thursday Perspective - What is Love?

I'm always interested to hear about people's perspectives on a particular phrase or word.  In today's culture we overuse or misuse words all the time: Love and Hate are the two that seem to get the most coverage in the English language.  

My definition of LOVE grows and changes.  Ask me tomorrow and it may have changed already. I think as we experience life our viewpoints and our standard on certain "feelings" or "thoughts" changes based on what we have experienced.  Love to me is this: 

Love is more than an emotion, more than a thought, but an overwhelmingly familiar piece  of your soul that is intertwined in every aspect of life. It allows you to feel joy and pain, it provides the opportunity of forgiveness and grace, it bridges the gaps of race, language, culture, and it holds no biases. Love is and will always be a definition in it's own right, expressed differently through whom it is given and who has received it.

I'd like to know....

What is your definition of Love?


  1. i hate to sound to cliche but... i truly think that love is exactly how its described in Corinthians.
    other facts about love: it can suck sometimes. it hurts. you dont get a choice in the matter. makes you vulnerable. rash decisions. makes you gain weight. makes you lose weight. changes your heart, your mind, and what you thought you knew and wanted.
    love it! haha

  2. i think love is when you love someone even on those days when it's not fun to love yourself. THAT is solid love to me.
    aww i love love.

  3. Love is also a synonym for God, and as you can expect has about as many definitions and conatations as God does

  4. God is Love. Love is God. How do you define these two? (--short version! :)



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