UPDATE: Jagger finds a home!

Remember last weeks post on Jagger the adorable pit-bull? Some of you are nodding yes, but thinking, "O shoot I didn't read that blog post."  That's okay! Jagger was a dog I found on Craig's list and needed a home badly because his owners had lost their home due to foreclosure. Jagger was in dyer straights as it was his last day before he went to the shelter. 

The owner tried so hard, but with no luck....I drove home really sad on Thursday thinking that he was doomed to sit in a shelter and then be put down because most people won't adopt and old dog, much less a pit-bull.

Well, that night I got a surprise email from the owner letting me know that Jagger had found a home!! :) Thanks to you all who RT my tweets and posted his picture!  He now has a happy home where he can live out his days.

And REMEMBER: If you get an animal adopt from a shelter or a rescue, don't buy from a pet store.  

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