A Hard Decision

Some of you know already and most of you don't.  I neded to wait to talk about this until certain people knew and weren't hearing about this for the first time on my blog.  

The short story:
We had to put Zoey down last week.

The long story:
Steven and I had gone to church & were going to be gone for a while.  My family, who loved Zoey, was going to be able to watch her (she would be able to swim because that's what she loved to do over at their house).  Steven and I dropped her off & returned to find a scene that still to this day I'm not sure I've completely processed. 

The day had gone well and they were winding down the night with popcorn.  Zoey was partaking in her favorite time because this was the only time she got people food.  A piece of popcorn went under the sofa and David went to grab it for her because she couldn't reach it.  He didn't know she had a bad habit of getting so focused on something that she wanted it and she would get it, no matter what.  So, he went to get it for her and she bit him, twice.  This wasn't uncommon for Zoey. We got her from a rescue and found out she had some major issues.  She didn't have social skills for a 3 year old dog and she got obsessed with things like toys and food and she hardly ever gave it up.  Meaning, she would get obsessed.  Her eyes would change and dilate, she would get crazy, nipping panting and would remember where a particular toy landed in the pool that we had to take away from her and she would look for it a week after the event.  

So after she bit my brother (enough to break skin) she was disciplined by my dad and long story short, she flailed up, latched on to his nose.  He had to pry her teeth from his nose as she wouldn't let go and needless to say 100+ stitches later and 2+ days in the hospital resulted in an injured, but lucky Dad.  

It makes me sick to retell the story and the following decision had to be made. After consulting with two reputable professional trainers and behaviorists, we made the decision to put her down.  

It was a hard decision because she wasn't a vicious dog; she was a good girl. She loved people, but whomever had her prior to us really messed her up in the head!! The vet trip was one of the hardest things Steven and I had to do and we really really miss her.  She loved the vet and wasn't scared, just a bit confused why everyone was so upset.  Her scary behaviors were so random (and people have to trust us on this) that we just couldn't trust her not to do it again. Anyone who met her knew she was a love, but even the people she loved, she would nip/bite. Steven, my brothers, my mom and my dad all got bit pretty good.  

She will always be remembered and missed.  My plea to all you animal lovers/owners out there.  Love you pets, but give them rules and boundaries.  They need it, they're animals and they'll thank you for it by being predictable and stable family members.  


  1. I am so sorry. That is hard on so many levels, but you did the right thing.

  2. Oh my gosh Lisa that is such a hard thing to deal with. I agree that you did the right thing. Losing a pet is such a hard thing, because they start to become part of the family. I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers.

  3. Thank you all for your support! :)

    We are searching for a puppy now and hope to find one soon!



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