Puppy Steps

Today, searching through the listings on Craig's list and pennysaverusa I was hit with the real fact that 99% of Pet Stores get their animals from Puppy Mills. If you have never seen a Dateline special or Cesar Milan raid of these sorts of facilities, you should. It would make you NEVER purchase an animal from a pet store ever again.

But a glimmer of progress appeared on my radar this morning on Craig's List. A local pet store has decided to stop selling puppies from puppy mills/breeders and instead, get sales from helping local rescues and shelters adopt out their pets. The rescues get to hold adoption fairs at their facilities and the pet store gives discounts on their "dog stuff" that people will most definitely need when they adopt their furry friends.

If you need a doggy and are in the OC area, check these guys out!

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