Monday Recipes - P90X

Late Saturday night Steven and I were watching QVC (well, I was) as we both settled in for the night. They were selling P90X; the workout all the cool kids are doing.

The results people get from this workout are amazing. So, I got this crazy idea that we should do it! While Steven was less than thrilled at the thought of working out 6 days a week, the option to save money by using this instead of my workouts at my gym was motivation enough for him to say "research it!"

Research it in Marcia language means, "look into other pricing options and find a better deal than the retail price. We don't pay full price for anything." Enter Ebay and Craig's List searches. Bingo! Found one where we live for 75% off of what they were selling it on QVC for. We got it yesterday, watched the intro video & laughed at ourselves for thinking that we can actually pull this off.

So, the recipe for today is working out (plus I will be posting some healthier recipes this week from their booklet!) Do something! Move around! Get going. You know your dog wants to go for a walk.

Disclaimer: please do not hold The Marcia's accountability results to the pictures above to see if this has actually worked for them. We will not be looking like professional athletes by the time this is over, just healthier and more fit versions of us!


  1. Brody and I are on a work out kick too! I gained 15 lbs. and I don't know how that happened. We have the "lose it" app on our i phones that keeps track of calories and excersise etc. We are trying to work out every day he's home, and I have been doing pilates and kick boxing days that he's gone.

    I am excited to read your healthy recipes, and hear how PX system works for you. Brody wants to do it, but I am scared of it!

    have you known anyone personally who has had those crazy results?

  2. I do know one person that got in incredible shape (he was out of shape!) on this program.

    I have gained 20 pounds since we got married (sickenss stuff and stress) and I have not been able to lose it! Needless to say, i wont be posting my "before" picture anywhere on here, haha.

    Sounds like you guys are on a roll too with working out. How is pilates? Ive heard it's a great workout!

    Keep us update on your guys' workout stats too!

  3. I like faster paced workouts generally, but Pilates is really nice to do every once in awhile, because it is still a workout, but is stretching the muscles and making them lean, and it's actually harder than it seems.



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