My Not-So Official Announcement

I know you all have been wondering what my announcement is and I PROMISE the real one is coming. You'll understand why I've had to wait to announce, once I announce it.

But.......this last weekend an amazing and "fate" type situation happened when Steven and I were able to adopt not one, but two 9-week old Boxer pups. After our last situation we decided that we didn't want to take the chance and wanted to start fresh. These little guys are brother a sister and they love to play and rough house all day. They sleep in their crate together and don't cry and they hold their potty until the morning! Unheard of for dogs this age!

I was raised with Boxers and know they are some of the best family dogs people can have. We have had lots of fun with them and they are currently wrestling at my feet while I work from home. The boy is the top picture, the girl the bottom.

Now Introducing.....Sam & Daisy! Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. i cant see the pictures but im sure they are cute!
    two boxer pups?! you must have your hands full. haha

  2. they are such cute little pups! sounds like you got two good ones though.

  3. THEY HAVE TO MEET DEXTER!!! You guys wanna get together this week? This weekend?

    We should all get together before we leave for Nashville!



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