Not a Good Morning

This morning was not a good morning.  I was getting off at an exit for my work (I take one of two different exits).  Recently (3 weeks ago) they put in signs to "No TURN ON RED"  I am the type of person that follows all the rules, because the one time I don't I get caught.  No lie. It's my life.

So, this morning I was about 20 feet from the intersection when the light turned yellow.  I knew I could make it (remember I'm not daring like the most of you who can run reds).  So, I went through, made the right and low and behold a CHP officer who is setting a trap down the block flags me down (he was outside his car, that's how much of a trap it was).  

I explained that I didn't know it was red when I entered the intersection (it wasn't), I apologized if it looked like I didn't see the signs.  He said, "Well, there are 3 signs that you missed, so you should have seen them." I apologized again, mentioned that I sincerely didn't mean to violate anything and didn't think I had entered the intersection in error(knowing I entered on a yellow light).  He said, "Well,you're getting a ticket, so I need your license and registration"

THAT'S IT?!@?! No warning, no compassion at 6:45 in the morning?! 

Just for the record, every morning I take this exit at least 4-5 people stop, look, and go illegally.  I always have thought, man I will never do that because I will get caught.  So I didn't, and I still got caught!

The nerve! Now I can pay the $380 or whatever nonsense amount it is and go to traffic school OR go to court, write my testimony and plead not guilty and possibly get hit with a higher fine, plus insurance going up and a mark on my license!

What would you do?  Fight it or pay it?


  1. Just an FYI -I paid $518 for the ticket and traffic school when I made an "illegal turn at a red light" in Irvine. I hope it won't be that much for you, but it may be. :(

  2. fight it! dave got a ticket for something like that when it was practically blizzard conditions last winter. (it was a blinking red light, and he did stop! but it was so icy and slippery, it looked like he didn't....). he went to court and got it reduced....i mean, it was only 80, not 380, but it's worth a try. and if the cop doesn't show up, isn't it cleared then? you could always take the gamble!

  3. I'm so sorry lisa! I totally feel your pain! I just paid $500 too for the same thing. I would try and fight it! It's worth a try. I would have tried to fight mine, but they had me on camera.

    I see SO many people turning/going through yellow lights or even reds without stopping! Lately I've been seeing people do it in front of cops and they don't do anything about it! It makes me so mad.



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