Daybook: October 4

Thought this was pretty neat, so I decided I would copy it from my friend and former roommate, Cerissa

I am thinking: about why the weekends go so quickly and why the weeks seem to go so slowly. I'm also thinking I'm entirely too full, but my meal was yummy. Be sure to check out Monday Recipes tomorrow

I am thankful: for Fall is finally being here and that my family is healthy. Lately we've had friends experience some sad deaths in their families and it makes you realize life is so short.

From the kitchen: Tofu and Chicken Yellow Curry. Again.....check out the recipe tomorrow.

I am wearing: A pair of lounge shorts that I usually wear to bed and a workout shirt that is 3 sizes too large. I'm ready for bed!

I am hoping: that P90X tomorrow won't kill us and that I will feel rested come 5:30am

I am creating: something pretty cool. I know it's been delayed but it will be announced soon!

I am praying: for family and friends going through hard time right now. It's a season! And for new opportunities to open up!

Around the house: I have two fall spice candles going and the dogs are chewing on used water bottles. They're teething and they're chewing everything.

I am reading: I havent been reading many books, but read lots of neat blogs. There are too many to list, but check the side column for more blogs.

I am watching: Dodgeball, well...steven is. My new favorite sitcom is Community. Hilarious!

One of my favorite things: Pumpkin Spice Lattes

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, P90x, Work, P90X, Work, P90X.

A picture that I am sharing: My little babies

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