P90X Week 2 - Day 3

This is my official update from last week and then entering the 2nd week of this workout series. We broke down and bought a pull up bar and it made a world of difference. I am proud to say I cannot do one pull up, or chin up, or anything. That's a strange thing to be proud of, you might be saying.

For me, I have NEVER been able to do a pull up. It's not my thing. Give me squats or jumps or sit-ups, or let me run forever, but don't make me do a pull up. In 5th grade we had a fitness test and those that passed got an extra award at the end of the year. For those of you that have known me for a long time, you know I was the tom-boy. I played soccer with the guys and was usually one of the first ones to get picked for kickball and other PE sports. Granted, my memory is from a 5th grade perspective, so I might not have been that good, but I thought I was. There were 4 parts to the test:
  1. Run the mile in under 10 minutes
  2. Do a certain number of sit-ups
  3. Do a certain number of push-ups
  4. Do 1 pull up - ONE thats it!
Numbers 1-3 I passed with flying colors. And then, the test for pull-ups began. My friend Danielle passed, my friend Kayla did one, even friends that I thought weren't that athletic did a pull up. It came to my turn.....I tried, I grunted, I pulled and squeezed my little biceps, but nothing. Literally, no movement in the upward direction. To this day, I have never done a legit pull-up or chin-up for that matter.

So I stand proud, knowing I cannot do something in the area of fitness, but also knowing that through all this P90X stuff, I will do at least one by the time I'm done with this!

Some thoughts on P90X:
  • I loved the KenpoX (it's a Karate/Martial Art type workout!)
  • I hate Plyometrics (with a passion!) - I'm never really motivated to do it
  • Yoga - for those of you that like Yoga, I am impressed. My mind must work too quickly to pick up the calmness of it, but man was a I bored out of my mind doing this!
  • Overall, Tony Horton is an excellent trainer for being on a DVD (motivational, encouraging and he pushes you, even when you don't want to be pushed).
Tonight is Arms and Chest - aka lifting weights

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