WWW- Abby Rike

This woman amazes me. Her story. Her approach. Her courage. From Episode 1 I liked her and I'm sure most people watching the show did. She was sweet and kind hearted and you could tell she wanted to love people, she just couldn't get to that place. She lost her husband and two children to a car accident about two years ago.

Her story couldn't keep anyone from tears and yet she had a strange sense of peace through her tears that I wouldn't even begin to fathom. Her loss was so great and you could tell she herself was lost. But the one thing that stood out was that she never gave up.

I don't even want to imagine losing at that level. When Jillian Michaels asked her "What does it feel like to lose everything you love?" she answered honestly that it's un-fathomable, it's something you can't even think about." But then her next answer stunned me I'm gonna live! I'm gonna make it!"

The concept of moving forward after life has slapped you in the face is an amazing part of the human spirit. While we might never have to experience what she went through, things of all sorts happen to everyone, but someone said once "Pain is Pain." I know I have areas where I just gotta pick myself up and move forward and it's hard.

Do you have areas like this in your life where you need to pick it up and move forward one baby step and at time?

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  1. I must say you have stated everything sop correct. I ahve watched her and she has grown and blossomed as she taught some of the veiwers myself included what courage and stength really are. I have added her to my SHORT list of heros. Abby if you see this please know, I may never meet you or pass you but you courage and stength have shown me there is no time for depression over the silly things when yet you are one of the strongest women I have ever seen and you have had such a heartbreaking experience. May god bless you and smile each day and know you ahve touched some of us more then you will ever realize.



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