It's Been a Week!

Hello All -

I wanted to write a mass THANK YOU to everyone who has heard my twitter cries and been thinking about us while Sam & Daisy have gone through quite an ordeal in the last week. I have to say with less than 6 hours sleep in the last 2 days, I think I've reached my overload point and am running on pure adrenaline. The body is an amazing thing. Here are the details of each story to catch everyone up to speed. I apologize for not being able to text, tweet or call back, but know that I have received every message and am thankful for your support!

Daisy's Story - $400+
Last Sunday morning around 3am Daisy woke up and was throwing up. She had not solid bowel movements and was obviously not feeling well. But, after she did her business she would romp and play and be crazy. Well, come Monday morning, Steven was up with her until 4am because she was dry heaving and had bascially pooped out her entire insides. Poor girl! Steven took her to the Vet Monday morning and they thought for sure she had Parvo! I've had dogs with Parvo before and the outcome wasn't promising. They hooked her up to IV's and she stayed there until she was a little stronger. They sent me home with a Fecal sample kit to bring back the next day. She only had water and a little speciality food and she slept for the entire night and day! After the results came back, we found out she had an intestinal parasite called Coccidia that caused her to literally be in almost "not gonna make it" shape. Steven and I bleached everything known to man and threw out toys and bedding on the precaution that it was Parvo. We were beat! We started the antibiotics and she's been fine ever since.

Sam's Story - $300
So, because Coccidia is contagious and can be found in feces, they figured Daisy had gotten this from their mother when they were just pups. Sam most likely had it to and so we might as well give him the same meds to rid their systems of it. We started the antibiotic ALBON Thursday morning and Saturday morning came and Sam had a few little hives on his back. After playing in the backyard, he's had them before, I figured they would just go away. At 3am Sunday morning Steven woke me up. Sam came out of his little kennel and was swollen like he had been stung by 1000 bees. (see the pics above) The pictures don't come near to how he really looked. I gave him some benedryl, figured he'd eaten something outside and stayed up with him. He got worse! And is little eyes swelled shut and he was starting to have difficulty breathing. Off to the Vet 24hr Hospital. They said he had a severe allergic reaction (to what they did not know) and they hospitalized him for 5 hours. His hives came down and he came home. After 3 hours of being home, they came back full force and so he has been so indoctrinated on Benedryl I thought I was going to kill his little 40lb body. He woke me up at 2:15 am this morning crying (he never does, he's such a guy and doesn't complain about his hurts). I stayed up with him while he ran circles, kicked his legs in the air and whined profusely for 6 hours because he itched so bad. THe only thing that helped was the oatmeal bath! Thank god for oatmeal! Steven took him to the vet this morning and the Dr. definitely thought it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics we had him on and not a bee sting! She gave him some more drugs, sent him home with some tough antihistamines (stronger than benedryl) and said that the drugs should work their way out of his system within the next 24-48 hours. He is now home resting.

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  1. holy crap! thats a lot of money and much dog problems in one week! you guys have some serious patience.



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