P90X - Update

So here's in update:

I got sick, so we had to skip about a week of P90X (almost, but we just decided to re-do the whole week). So, this week was the start up week and we've been pretty consistent, minus the Yoga which both of us just cannot stand to do. So we do CardioX instead.

Yesterday, I needed to catch up and do legs and back and kenpo. So Legs and Back being completed, I felt pretty good and ran a mile on our treadmill, not issues. In between that I tried out some regular push-ups. The kind you don't do on your knees. Bad idea. Then Steven cam home and we did Kenpo which is like Karate.

Bad idea only because my left shoulder which in the past had never given me issues, started to act up. Now, since I was a kid this shoulder pops in an out of place (like i'm double jointed) and I always thought it was strange. A little uncomfortable at times, but now I feel like things are starting to grind in there. I started my weight class in May + our old dog Zoe and yanking her in correction at 65lbs, my shoulder is now what I would say "Jacked."

I thought I slept on it wrong, but no way. Waking up two mornings in a row, after icing it, heating it, stretching, and everything else....its pretty bad. I don't have the highest pain tolerance, but this hurts pretty bad. Like when I breathe, it hurts. So, we'll see how this week goes and if the pain subsides, if not, I'm off to get it X-rayed.

Next week is recovery week - i'm going to need it!

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