Turkey Day

Thanksgiving by far is my favorite holiday. I don't really know why, but I love it more than Christmas. Maybe its the food or the weather, but either way, I look forward to it every year. This year, I decided I'm going to make just two dishes for both families that way I'm not making multiple different dishes and trying to keep them warm. So, the two recipes I am using are my recipe for Mashed Yams with Brown Sugar crust & Steven's Great-Grandpa's Wonton Recipe.

Each is unique in it's own right and I look forward to cooking. I think i'll bring a side of cranberries to make my cranberry sauce too, but don't want to over-do it and steal someone elses opportunity to bring their own. My Cranberry sauce is made with fresh cranberries, ginger, sugar and some other fun ingredients.

What are some of your favorite family recipes? Got any to share? I want to try them out!

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