The New Digs

Here's our new rental home in Georgia! It's a nice little home about 40 minutes from the heart of Atlanta (with no traffic, that is!) It's about 2000 sqft., 3BD, 2BTH and has an extra office area where I can work from home! Perfect!

Recently it's been more of a reality that this is happening and fast! Most are exciting thoughts, some are sad, but more than anything I know a great adventure awaits! I think as I was driving today it hit me that I can tell you how to get around town about 5 different ways. Back streets, side streets, freeways, and shortcuts. I've lived in CA my whole life and the same city, no less! So, to not really know where I'm at is a strange concept. Hopefully when ya'll visit, I'll have it down!

1 comment:

  1. such a cute house! not much time left till youre living in it! post some pictures of the inside once you make it into home.



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