A New Life Begins

Sounds like a nice movie title doesn't it? It's been one week tomorrow that we arrived in Georgia and so far we love every bit of it. There are some things to adjust to, but minor in the grand scheme of life. This week I started work!

Many people have been asking about what I will be doing. After working 2.5 years in an office setting, I wanted a change. I wanted to be my own boss and that's just what I am going to be! I still have my Events Business which traveled with me to GA. I will need to make new connections, vendors, and people that need the services the company provides.

My other "new" job is client consulting for an Online Administrator Services. Now, that's not very clear as Steven told me the other day and frankly at first it was really hard to define to people exactly what I will be doing because every day is different.

DEFINITION: I get to dictate my schedule on contract project management of company/individual Social Networking (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Wordpress, Blogger, etc). I will also be designing websites. Other tasks will include anything from press releases to blog post creation and uploading.

It intimidates me a bit to think that my skills will be tested by someone other than my own personal taste. I created my Details Company Site and Blog, but templates were definitely my friend through the process. The good news is that I get to be challenged to advance my knowledge even farther and use what I do know.

Thanks for keeping up to date! I have a few other new things going on too that I'll start uploading tomorrow! :) Wait and see......


  1. Wait. I still don't get it. You manage someone's facebook? Do you work for a company, or...

  2. Her Cerissa! I am an independent contractor. I work with a company for steady clients and then outsource other things I do for other random clients I pick up.

    I manage Facebooks, twitter accounts, and blogs. I upload posts, do research on postings and upload images and mess with website templates all from home.



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