Week 2 - Decor, Dinners and Date Nights

Lately, my butt has been glued to the computer chair. I've been updating blogs, twitter and editing code for client sites. It's a little surreal to be home and working, but it's nice. I've been a little wiped on social media, but I've wanted to post on my own! So, here I am!

Things we've done this week...(sorry, we still can't find the camera cable to upload pictures!)
  • First Visit to Cracker Barrel!
  • Went house "hunting" --- not really, but it's fun to look at dream homes
  • Worked out 2x (which is huge, since we haven't in about 2.5 months)
  • Set up bookshelf with my old book finds from Estate Sales
  • Set up our frames, pictures, clocks, etc.
We love Georgia, the people and the nature that surrounds us. It's really crazy to adjust to the trees lining every road and the roadkill....man there is a lot of that! Overall, there is a calming that's started to hit us. We don't rush through meals so that we can watch a particular show. We take our time getting ready in the morning, make a cup of coffee (totally foreign to me to not have to GO somewhere in the mornings). My anxiety level is slowly starting to reduce since I had anxiety every day I went to work. I believe I will be healthier, fitter and much less stressed.

Here is a picture of our beautiful bookshelf in my office area!

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  1. I love Cracker Barrel and I am glad you got to experience it. I walked 5 miles in Nashville just to eat there! I am glad you are adjusting well. We miss you here at CST!



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