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So, with a new start to life, a new job, working on getting this body of mine back into shape and having a new home......I feel like this blog has seen it's good days, but now, needs a facelift! Be prepared in the coming weeks to see some changes! :)

As for me and Steven, we are doing well adjusting to Georgia. There really isn't that big of an adjustment, other than being away from friends and family. The weather is no joke here and the humidity is nasty, but that's why we aren't out jogging at 1:30 in the afternoon. For the seasons we gain year-round, I can take the heat. We've been to the pool a few times already; working on the whiteness that has not seen sun in 2 summers (yes, we did live in SoCal and didn't go to the beach hardly at all!)

We are starting to see fireflies and we even have a bunny that comes and visits (mostly takes a poop in our backyard) and he also has dug a good sized hole that he burrows himself into in our planter bed. The dogs go crazy and try to dig at the hole. As Steven would say, "We're renting!" :) We need a name for him, so please send your suggestions!

Work has been good for me and I've gotten into a pretty consistent routine with about 25 hours a week under my belt. I'd like to have more, but then I don't want to have more at the same time. The nice thing is, I can gauge it according to my schedule.

Steven has been playing with artist and fellow LA Laker Fan, the lovely Franscesca Batistelli. Who knew Lakers fans lived in Georgia!? It's been great to get to know new people and for Steven to be out, playing again and on the road. He will hopefully pick up something this Fall since Franny B. and Matt (her hubs) will be having their first child! :)

After working at a highly stressful job in CA and sitting on my butt 9-12 hours a day, I gained weight....whatdayaknow! I worked out (ran a 1/2 marathon, joined a bootcamp class), but wasn't eating the portions I should....stress will do that to ya. So I gained a considerable amount.

When we got here, it was my opportunity to take back that area of my life. I've been working out every day (for 13 days straight now) and keeping to the program I'm on. I'm starting to see my leg muscles come back and I'm feeling stronger again. I'm trying to eat clean (meaning no fake crap in my diet). It's actually not that hard when you put your mind to it. It's kinda fun to see what you can concoct without going over your calorie intake. There are still those days when all I crave is hotwings and pizza and a massive amount of mexican food for Miguels! Ahhh Miguels. Anyone want to ship me some??

One thing about my program is seeing how MUCH food we eat. The former athlete in me dies to be back to how I was in HS, playing soccer 5 days a week. So, I have my athlete cap on and I'm running full force towards that goal. So far I've lost 3-4 pounds (probably more because I've gained muscle....but the scale doesn't nicely analyze that for you!) My goal is to be back to my HS weight by September!

We've been blessed with having good friends here that are supportive of our arrival. I think that it would have made the move a lot harder had we had no one to hang with. It's amazing what relationships come from where and it's amazing to me that 2 years ago started this journey that ended us here! We miss our friends DEARLY in CA and our families too! It's weird not to be able to go over just to drop something off or say hi. But, we're okay! :) We love it here and now we get to have visitors!!

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