Week 3: Bodybugg Challenge

So, partly to keep myself accountable and partly for motivation, I have decided to blog about my Bodybugg experience. For those of you that don't watch the Biggest Loser or know what this little contraption is, it's an armband that calculates how many calories you are burning in a day. So, when you workout it senses that, it counts your steps, it can calculate how hard your body is working and determine calorie burn based on that. It's very accurate!

So every day my goal burn is: 2600 calories
My intake of food is: 1350 calories
Deficit: 1250 daily
Total each week is about 2-3 pounds
Goal: 20 lbs
Lost so far: 6 pounds

It's been fairly easy so far. Steven and I have been staying in, saving a ton of money, and eating really healthy. I have been working out now for 6, sometimes 7 days straight. It's actually not that hard. Some days like I mentioned in my previous post are harder than others (when it comes to just wanting hot wings or something like that) but overall, most of my cravings are gone. Last night however, I had a long work day and I worked out hard and I said, 'I'm not cooking!" So, we went to Chili's.

My meal
Instead of getting the fried version of my favorite sandwich (The Chicken Ranch) I went for grilled piece of chicken, no cheese and half the bun. It was good and I drenched it in the hot-wing sauce that makes the dish my favorite. I splurged on the fries (I had enough left in my calorie count for the day) and it was great! My meal on the burger went from 1150 calories to 350 calories, just by making those changes!! That's pretty gross to think about.

Future Steps
I'm going to start up my Monday Recipes again and be a little healthier this time. Less fat, more protein and veggies! If you'd like, join me on this cooking journey! :) I'll be here.....working away.

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