Serious Eats

Pan Seared Polenta & Pears with Gorgonzola Sauce
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Being obsessed with food is not a good thing for a girl, especially when I'm truly love everything not good for you.  My stomach might not, but my taste buds surely do! Lately however, I've found true flavor in organic foods and vegetables like I've never tasted before and it makes me encouraged that we can all still "eat well" and "be well."

I've started making good old favorites done in a healthier way.  Sometimes this is really hard.  Like fried chicken.  Who makes "healthy" fried chicken.  Yes, I've seen it done, but when you eat fried chicken, you want it fried.  

If you don't follow ANY food blogs, please do! It will change your life in how you cook.  People are so creative and I love seeing dishes you wouldn't find in a cook book.  It's authentic, homemade yummy food.  

I'm going to be blogging more avidly about food.  It's one of the things the inspires me.  It's my creative side.  I can't draw, I can't really sing, and I wish I could dance, but I know I can cook.  So, I cook! :)

Look for more recipes to come!


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