The Size of a What??

The size of a lime is what they told us.  About 2.5" in length.  That's how big our baby is to date! That's right've waited for it.  

We've faked you out a couple times, talked about buying our house, moving across the country and many other adventures.  This NOT a fake out! 

Little Baby Marcia is due 
March 9, 2011
(for those of you counting, that's 1 day prior to our anniversary!)

We're excited and can't believe that this part of our lives has started.  The reality has finally set in!

I (Lisa) am little more than 12 weeks along, so I will be out of my first trimester in the next couple of days.  I have been counting the days since we found out, since the sickness has been rough.  Thank God for my job being at home.

Honestly, I don't know how women do this over and over again.  I'm a newbie for sure!

Another bit of good news:  We will be coming home to Cali for Christmas and can't wait to see all of you.  

I'll be lookin' quite different (large) by that time, but that just means I get to eat the food we've been missing these last 4 months.  Some of you now understand all my comments about craving Miguel's.  It was intensified by this little "lime." :)

Much love to you all!! 
Lisa & Steven


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