Diaper Deal!

The diaper stuff is really cool. It's on Amazon.com. Sign up for Amazon Mom (free) (3 months no shipping on ALL baby items - we just bought our stroller and stuff, no shipping cost) Use Subscribe & Save (no contracts- a 1mo, 2mo, or 6 month renewal of your diaper/wipes order). You can cancel at any time! So if you ordered and then cancelled, you would be good.

The link to the amazon mom for 30% off all diapers/wipes
**If you get Parents Magazine, there is a 20% off coupon included for Amazon Diapers which would bring your savings up to 50% off each month!

You'll see the discount & no shipping applied when you go to final checkout. Be sure to hit the Subscribe and Save button, not add to cart.

Look for a vendor that does a 2-pack offer, so for the price you get double the diapers! Good luck Diaper Hunting! :)


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