Fall Time

Fall.  It's my favorite time of year.  The trees out here in Georgia are starting to turn colors and the other night Steven and I were driving through what felt like the mountains, but it was just a normal road to get to where we were going for the evening.

Baby Update:
Our 20 week appointment is coming up in 2 weeks :) I feel the baby move more each day which is a crazy feeling.  Can't wait to see him or her and see the growth since the last ultrasound we had done was 9 weeks!

Georgia Update:
Being in Georgia has been a great experience the last couple of months and it's been nice to de-stress from the California-ness in us.  It's amazing how much I get done in a day, yet the stress isn't there...I'm sure some of that is due to working from home and calling my own schedule.

As of today, this is my one comparison with California:
I have to say, the one area that is not different is the way people drive.  The traffic isn't as bad in the suburbs, but in the city, it's equal to LA.   I mean, at least in CA you can expect some crazy driver to be angry, flip you off and drive away while they yell at you.  Here, it's almost like people don't really care, they just come on over and hope everyone behind them reacts.  Or you you have huge lifted trucks that go 80 in a 55 speed limit highway that ride you until you get in the right lane as their confederate flags wave in the back of their trucks.  Tailgating must be a law here.  I'm convinced.

It's quite interesting, Steven and I can't seem to figure out the flow.  I guess I'm realizing that in CA at least you know what you're gonna get on the freeway: angry, pissed off people who have been sitting in traffic for hours and just want to get home all while texting as the do it.  Georgia is more ambivalent about it all and so I guess it leaves me with less justification to get as angry at the drivers, although I'm more scared for my life!

Things I've learned in Georgia

  • Everyone says Ya'll not "You guys"
  • Doing "life" together is a fairly common saying
  • There is NO GOOD MEXICAN Food
  • The air is cleaner and the seasons more beautiful
  • We're known as The Californians, not the Marcia's. :) this one makes me laugh
  • Everyone of our friends out here has kids - in CA none of our friends had kids

Miss you all!


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