Week 19!

I feel like I just started out on this journey and we're almost at our 20 week appointment next week! This week, I grew...a lot.  I felt the baby actually kick, not just move (hard!) for the first time last night and boy, I was thrilled for a second and then when it started to hurt I wanted to tell that kid to treat me a little more kindly, haha.

I've had a hard time resisting in the clothing department, although I've been pretty good, I have gone to Old Navy a few times and grabbed some adorable clearance items....mostly for girls, mainly due to the fact that the boys stuff was picked over.  Maybe it's a sign?? :) haha

Wishing I wasn't so busy, I'm trying to remember to write things down and document them, since I know that once I have one, the second time around I'm going to be even busier and I need to remember certain markers for next time!

Any mommy's out there have a good recording system or cool tools that helped them during pregnancy? :)

Here's some pix of the baby's room and some cute clothing I've found so far!


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