Halloween Experience in the South

Steven and I were talking the other night about Halloween when we were little.  We loved dressing up and always would check our bags after someone deposited candy to see if we got the "good stuff."  Good stuff is characterized as "Butterfingers, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Twix, or boxed candy."  The cheap stuff... you guys know what those items are.

In the South, it's totally different than in California.  I was amazed at HOW MANY kids came to our door.  Within 20 different minutes, my 2 massive bags of "not good candy" were gone.  I must have had over 75+ kids ringing my door bell.  The major difference...they were all little kids!  So many people go trick or treating in CA that are 15 yrs+.  Have a party or something....Don't go get free candy.  And especially, don't come to my door if you don't have a costume. I'm not in the business of giving away free stuff to over assuming teenagers.

We digress...and this time Halloween was filled with Mr. Incredibles and Cinderellas :)

One thing that always bummed me out as a little kid was seeing people's smashed pumpkins in the middle of the street the next morning.  I'm sure it's something I inherited from a family member (MOM) that pumpkins have feelings or something, but it literally made me sad.  So, I usually don't keep them outside overnight, to make sure they are "safe."

This year, our pumpkin, which we nicknamed "Punky" was really cute, but he rotted pretty quickly with the humidity here.  So, we stuck him outside to keep the smell down and keep him as fresh as long as possible.  Low and behold, Steven went outside this morning and discovered him smashed in the street.  Poor Punky! :(  

Now, it's November! On to Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday of them all! )


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