Every Mom Should Have This App

I found this app today ~ Food on the Table ~ Thinking it was just another menu/recipe site I didn't think much of it until I got online and saw what it could really do. Organization is my love language, haha. Not really, but I like knowing what's for dinner and not needing to rush around to the store last minute.

With the iPhone or the online version, you can compare deals at the stores you shop at according to what you eat.  So for example, if your family loves lambchops and chicken, it will bring up the comparison of every meat matching those options and gives you the best price.  Plus, if you have your coupons you save more.  My new friend Katie put me on to this site.

The next step is to choose other ingredients you might want to have on your table for the week. And lastly, you can select your grocery list based on those deals, add your own items that you will need manually and also have a bunch of recipe options they give you based on your selections....pretty cool!

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