Lunch Pail Pictures

Candice Valedespino was her name when I met her. Then she went and got married, all the while I was rooting for an easier last name, but alas, she married a man with the last name of Brouillette.  Ask her how to pronounce it!  

She worked in the tech department at my old church and since she and I were the same age, went to the same school and were bored being at church all the time, we were instant buddies.  Admittedly, we liked checking out the boys on stage and venting about our current high school dramas. As a PK, you get bored being at church so much, so you get creative about what you do to kill time and also find people that take interest in the same stuff....Candice was always there.  It was a match made in heaven!

In fact,  she was the one that "technically" orchestrated mine and Steven's first date.  She was the friend that "forgot about plans she made" last minute so we could go out, just the two of us.  The rest is history! 

So, it only is fitting that being the matchmaker that she was and after working in the wedding business for years, she would pursue her love of film with her husband Geoff and start a Videography Business called Lunch Pail Pictures. Capturing special moments at weddings, churches and much more!

I could go on and on about their videos are & try to act like I know all about videography, but their site speaks for itself. Lunch Pail Pictures... Check 'em out!

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