No Emails, No Plans, No Complaints

It's been nice having this week off of work.  No clients, no more emails until I go back from maternity leave and I even slept until 10:15 am today. What?! That never happens.  Between bathroom breaks (pregnant ladies we all know about this) and my ever present insomnia, I haven't slept past 8:30 in a while.  It was amazing.  

Waking up so late after an 11pm home haircut last night, we had yummy carrot and orange juice for breakfast, one of our new many favorite things to make with the juicer Steven got for his birthday.  I made lunch around noon while Steven walked the dogs (since I'm not allowed until Sunday), he cleaned the carpets and then we hung at Starbucks for an hour. The weather was beautiful and nice enough for us to sit outside, unheard of in GA in February.  We weren't complaining :)

Since we didn't go on a "babymoon" like some couples do before their little ones arrive, it's been nice to be able to spend some time together without plans.  Things have been so busy that for a while, I didn't think we'd get anytime before the baby came to just have ONE night at home together, no interruptions.  Steven starts his job next week and I'm preparing for a busy week of appointments and final "nesting" projects yet to be completed and hopefully a hospital visit *fingers crossed* Maybe I'll actually get a pedicure at some point since I've been talking about for the last 4 weeks....any good places here in GA you all recommend?

I've spent a lot of time lately sprucing up the blog and showcasing people I follow, so that the world can see how great they are.  Be sure to check out some of those cool mommy blogs to your right!

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  1. You definitely need a pedicure, I did that each time! This is such a precious, sweet time, enjoy it! I'm jealous you could sit outside...!



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