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This task seemed a little daunting for me as I just became a mom a short 7 weeks ago.  Where has the time gone.  But, when an old friend, fellow mommy (of 3!) & Doula in the SoCal area (check her out if you need one!) asked me to blog about A Day In The Life of me, I was up for the challenge. Check out her post here.

Next week, i'll have more pictures and actually document the day, but I open this post by saying, my days right now are completely unorganized.  So bear with this new mommy as you muddle through ADITL.

12 am - I'm up for a feeding with Jackson and then off to bed!

3:30 am - Next feeding, but recently he's been sleeping through until later so I just have to pump.  This is such a hard thing to convince myself to do, especially when it's nice and cozy in my bed.  But, alas, I'm up and sitting in the bathroom, pumping away.  Last night I actually plucked my eyebrows while pumping.  Multi-tasking has begun! Then a quick trip downstairs to store the milk and I'm back in bed.  Sleep come quickly!

6:15-7:00 am - Jackson's next feeding usually falls between these times.  I secretly (not anymore) catch up on my Words with Friends games.  However, I believe that this is why I'm losing every game :) Luckily, my dear husband will get up and change his diaper before needing to feed him.  He's a trooper and hasn't complained once.

9:00 am - By this time, I'm praying J is still asleep and hoping in a shower after checking my emails for my clients.  If he's awake and hungry, then showers and getting dressed get postponed (or don't even happen some days) until he takes a nap.

9:30 am - I'm on my way to my trusty computer to catch up on emails and work that needs to be done.  I'm thankful I can call my own schedule.  A little here, a little there, all in between feedings.

11:00 am - J is asleep, I make coffee and either take a mid-morning nap with him.  If he doesn't nap, then we usually take a walk with the doggies and he'll fall asleep. If he's still awake then usually this is errands time.  Target or a trip to Starbucks usually does the trick and he's out!

12:00 pm - If I'm lucky, I get lunch.  This can easily get postponed as well. Usually leftovers from the night before. I'm craving salads these days! I didn't say I'm eating them, but at least I'm craving them.  Good thing, since I have a wedding I need to fit into a dress for in July.

2-5pm - Usually Jack's longest nap time.  I try and get as much as I can done. Dishes, laundry, and maybe a shower!?

6-9pm - Another long nap.  I'm grateful that I get to make dinner during this time.  Plus, Steven is usually home by this time and we get to hang out.  He loves his little man and Jack always greets us with a smile when he wakes up.


10-12pm - This is the in between time.  It's that time of the night where I'm hoping Jack doesn't sleep too long so that I can feed him and get to bed around 12:15 am.  If he sleeps for a long stint into the 11 pm zone, we've got trouble.  My little mister is very interactive and loves our ceiling fan.  Even in the dark if it's moving he'll lay there and stare. Of course, he wants to lay in your lap into the wee hours.  But, I can't complain he's a great baby.

Honestly since my C-section I went too much too fast the first 4 weeks and I believe delayed my healing a little bit.  I'm doing great, but this week it hit me a little hard and I needed to force myself to slow down.  On Wednesday, I literally slept, ate, fed and sat. That's it. It killed me!  I'll have some more interesting days ahead.  Right now, the feeding and changing diapers is taking precedence and that's a-okay!

Much love to my mommy readers.  If you do A DAY IN THE LIFE on your blog, i'd love to hear about it.  Tag me when you post it! 

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