Officially Addicted

Friends....I have a confession.  I am officially addicted to Amazon.

Those who know me, know I like a good deal.  I've been like that since I was kid.  I don't like paying full price for anything.  I'm not however as extreme as those people on Extreme Couponing. Have you seen that show on TLC?  As a side note: I need to get on that when I grocery shop, but it seems a little tricky with the whole double/triple coupon thing.  Any tipsters out there who save bundles with their coupons?

Back to Amazon....

As far as online shopping goes, Amazon has become my home store.  Before I buy anything I check there first! Two reasons: No Tax and Free 2-Day Shipping. How can you beat that? How do you get that deal you ask?  Amazon Mom = Prime Membership = cost of $70 per year = FREE with Amazon Mom!

I know not everyone can be a mom :) but the great part is you can sign up for Amazon Mom if you have a child in your life (nieces, nephews, grandkids, and Dads - your kids count you in too!) It's a win, win situation! We have literally saved thousands of dollars between the savings on tax and shipping alone, plus most of the time items are cheaper too!  Moms: the perks are endless, but one of the best reasons I think Amazon Mom is great is that you never have to leave you house to order everyday items like diapers, sunscreen or vitamins.

Just do it'll save ya some moolah!

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