Extreme Couponing Task: Find Free Coupons

Anyone watch this show on TLC? Isn't it crazy how much stuff these women can get for free? Reading other couponers blogs, it's very apparent to me that this isn't an every day reality to pay $1.20 for $2000.00 worth of groceries, but it's nonetheless inspired me to start seeing how I can save better.  If you know me, I'm a deal girl. I don't like to pay full price for anything. I hate it. There is always a deal somewhere...you just have to look. Steven is the same way. He would use coupons on our dates and I loved him for it!

So, I'm starting small because right now with a new baby and working I don't have a lot of extra time to scour the internet for tons of deals.  

My first mission.  Get free coupons.  How? 

I've started writing to all my favorite manufacturers and sending a compliment along.  After all, their products end up in my cart and my family consumes them.  Why shouldn't I tell them what I think of their products.  Simple. Easy. Affordable (only costs time!) 

Believe me I was a skeptic about writing to these companies and actually getting a response back.  I told Steven multiple times, yeah right...they're on the show that's why they get them. But, it had me intrigued. So I went for it. Five companies a day and I've gotten some responses! I'll post more results as I get them in! 

So far I have received back responses from:

Silk Coconut Milk: Two- $.75 off any Silk product

Tyson: Five $1 coupons off any of their products (we try to buy natural chicken if we can't do organic)

Frito-lay: This was a big fat no and they told me to look for coupons in my local paper. Oh well!

Kid Kritics: Free sample of Almond Cheese - Mozzarella (for those of us who are lactose!)

Pending responses:

Chaquita Bananas


OFF! Bug Repellant

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