Couponing All The Way Home

Couponing Update - I'm gaining traction in my couponing approach. 

Goal: To save on average per year 50% of what we would normally spend on all products for the home: health, beauty, groceries, paper products - paper towels, toilet paper, personal care -shampoo, bodywash, baby needs - diapers, food, etc.) 

When I first found out about couponing I was intimidated. Having a college degree in marketing should have made me feel a bit more confident, since this is in essence understanding the market of products and applying simple money saving principles, but, I didn't feel confident. I faced this with great hesitation because it did seem so "extreme." How would I learn how to do to where I could save 90%?! 

Well, today was the day! Having done it for a month, I feel a lot better. The women on these shows represent a small minority of people that go to the extremes when it comes to stockpiling or hoarding as I like to think of it. They are buying products that I would never eat, even if it was free. 

Our 5 year goal as a family in the areas of money/home are these simple things:

  • One day not have me work
  • Consume more organic products (which are more costly) for less than we pay for non-organic items
  • To be good stewards of what we've been given - keep to a budget
  • Being able to give more financially
  • No credit card or loan debt (other than a home) *this too is a goal, but a very long term one
Saving money on items that we would normally purchase is part of the goal process. I've bought some tools along the way. *yes, I did break down and buy a binder like the extreme people.* I haven't gotten it shipped yet (saved $$ on Free Shipping through Amazon), but I know I won't be buying items, just to feel the rush. 

I can say, that there is a "rush" that goes with the feeling of saving so much money.

On my last Walgreens trip I saved 91.5%! Who knew you could save that much money? I got the following items for $5.98 + tax:

2 Organic Shampoos - Love these! One was free!
1 Vegan Fat Hair Conditioner
1 Hyland's Teething Gel
1 Aleve (50ct)
2 Colgate 360 Toothbrushes
1 Colgate Toothpaste
1 pack toothbrush travel covers
1 Body Lotion Yes to Carrots
1 Burt's Bee's Body Wash

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